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Activity wheel and software

The activity wheel and software is ideal for measuring the free and spontaneous activity of mice or rat in their home cage. 

Intellibio developed a cage equipped with an activity wheel and an electronic unit for recording the measured parameters in Excel (recording of spontaneous motor activity over long periods even over an entire lifetime ).The cage is designed to facilitate the well-being of animals and meet the research needs.

Scientific interests

The device adapts to a standard cage for rat and mouse. Thus,  the rodent remains in its living area and has free access to the wheel. The equipment measures activity parameters (activity type, time, speed, sense of rotation etc.) in the long-term, even over the entire lifespan of the animal. This cage is designed to facilitate animal welfare.These sets of cages allow the measurement of activity variations and their timing over extended periods, making the system particularly useful for:

  • The study of rhythms of activity and their deregulation
  • Ageing studies
  • Pharmacology (measurements before and after treatment), anxiety and depression
  • Temporal screening in all developmental models (environments pre- and post-natal, KO inducible, injuries ...)
  • Anxiety and depression



  • Visualization of the average activity on each wheel.
  • Registration of all wheels on a selected duration.
  • Recording the activity at regular intervals (configurable).
  • Detailed summary by animal activity sequence in the wheel.
  • System requirements 1GHz and 256MB of memory

Software: Accurate measurements and many parameters according to environmental factors and /or chemical records:

  • Spontaneous activity / Rythm of rodent activity (number of laps)
  • Acceleration
  • Direction of rotation (direction)
  • Distance traveled
  • Speed
  • Results include:  a data file computed per period with informations of speed, acceleration, wheel rotations…
  •  Outputs: via txt file in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Cage rat(s) or mice
  • Transparent polycarbonate (perfect visibility of the rodents)
  • Lid with stainless steel wire safety clip on the cage, bottle location and pellets
  • Stainless steel wheel and low friction for a very gentle motion
  • Diameter of the wheel 330 mm (rat), 230 mm (mouse)
  • Precision of the wheel: ± 30°
  • Power: 15 V standard
  • USB connexion
  • Up to 32 Activiwheels


  • OPTIONAL:  Wheel locking system controlled by software (block a wheel, a group of wheels or all the wheels) during a period of time.
Reference Description Cage dimensions (mm) ø roue (mm) Floor area (cm²)
A-1908-00150 Cage & wheel for mouse 365 x 207 x 140 230 530
A-1908-00151 Cage & wheel for rat 480 x 265 x 210 mm 330 940
A-1908-00152 Cage & wheel for several rats (up to 4 rats) 480 x 375 x 210 330 1500

+33(0)3 83 28 16 04


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Activity wheel and software

Activity wheel and software