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Allows to identify animals and measure the instantaneous temperature in a single operation. The ready-to-use sterile injector with a TAM-MT transponder (1.40 x 8 mm) which has an integrated temperature sensor.

Intellibio has developed a new identification chip integrating a high precision temperature sensor. Calibrated at 37°C, our TAM-MT chip offers a remarkable accuracy of 0.1°C. It has a data check that guarantees the accuracy of the temperature provided by the sensor. The retrieved temperature cannot be erroneous during transmission, making it the most reliable temperature chip on the market!

In addition, it has an extended operating range (-20 to +80°C), which makes it possible to read the temperature also on hibernating animals.

In compliance with international standards in the animal sector (ISO 11784/11785), our TAM-MT chip has a unique global ID number readable by all readers.

To read the temperature, it is necessary to use our ReadStation reader or our portable reader ID/Temperature.


Main Features

  • Monobloc convenient and ergonomic
  • Delivered ready for use in sterile pouch for single use
  • Anti-return click confirming the ejection of the chip
  • Supplied with 6 self-adhesive barcode labels for various uses (tracking cards, input / output notebooks, identification of the cage, ...)
  • Reliability, security and ease of use


Technical characteristics


  • Dimensions : 1,4 x 8 mm
  • Temperature sensor operating range : -20 à +80°C
  • Biocompatible glass
  • No risk of injuring the animal
  • Anti-migration parylene coating
  • Unlimited duration (lifespan of the animal)
  • Very good reading performance
  • Readable by all readers (compliance with ISO 11784/11785)
  • Temperature reading requiring a specific reader

Injection needle

  • Short trocar (gauge 15)
  • Outside Ø 1,75 mm
ReferenceNameØ  TagTag lengthNeedle (Gauge)Ø Needle
A-2306-00495TAM-MT1,40 mm8 mm15 G2 mm

+33(0)3 83 28 16 04

Temperature TAM-MT Glass tag

Temperature TAM-MT Glass tag