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During this pandemic, we offer an automatic door handle disinfection solution in your laboratories:

The smart self-cleaning door handle skoon

Installs in 15 minutes, is used as a normal handle, radical effectiveness: disinfectant liquid to the standards EN14476 against viruses and EN1276 against bacteria.

The p-Chip Mouse Tagging System, the optimal solution for ensuring identity of your laboratory animals. Highly reliable and user-friendly, this method is based upon the p-Chip, the world’s smallest electronic chip for the tagging and tracking of laboratory animals. The p-Chip measures just 0.5mm x 0.5mm x 0.1mm! 



. ISO 11784/11785 Intellibio chips available in 3 sizes (1.25 x 7 mm, 1.4 x 8 mm, 2.12 x 12 mm).

. Read / write mode (48 alphanumeric characters)

. Wide range of readers to meet your needs

. Custom software development (
search for the for ID numbers in an Excel file, connected scale, ...).