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Set consisting of a sterile injector and the smallest chip (1,2 x 7 mm) existing to date allowing the identification of small subjects respecting their well-being and satisfying ethical questions. Identifications were successfully completed on 11-day old mice. Its size and reading performance are ideal for identifying small and medium-sized research animals (rats, mice, xenopians, rabbits, rodents, etc.).

Our TAM-S chip is the smallest on the market. In accordance with the international standards in the animal sector (ISO 11784/11785), it has a unique worldwide ID number readable by all readers. In addition, it has a programmable memory of 48 alphanumeric characters for an encoding information specific to the animal (life traits, weight, size), the study or an internal number of work.

Main Features


  • Monobloc convenient and ergonomic
  • Delivered ready for use in sterile pouch for single use
  • Anti-return click confirming the ejection of the chip
  • Supplied with 6 self-adhesive barcode labels for various uses (tracking cards, input / output notebooks, identification of the cage, ...)
  • Reliability, security and ease of use


Technical characteristics



  • 1,25 x 7 mm
  • Biocompatible glass
  • Unlimited duration (lifespan of the animal)
  • Very good reading performance
  • Readable by all readers (compliance with ISO 11784/11785)
  • ICAR registration
  • No risk of injuring the animal
  • Good reading performance
  • Anti-migration parylene coating
  • Programmable write memory of 48 alphanumeric characters



  • Short trocar
  • Outside Ø 2 mm
Item Ø chip Size Needle (Gauge) Ø  Needle
T.A.M-S 1,2 mm 7 mm 16 G 1,6 mm

+33(0)3 83 28 16 04

TAM-S chip (1.25 x 7 mm)

TAM-S chip (1.25 x 7 mm)