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mouse ear tag

You read that right! Colored Mouse Ear Tags for simple identification suited for use with small lab and research animals.

Mouse ear tags are an easy way to identify individual mice, rats, and other small animals used in research and laboratory.


Available in 5 colors (Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Black) and laser etched numbers available from 1 - 999.

Custom numbering series may be available.

Reusable and autoclavable.

Sold in Lots of 100.

Applicator specificly designed for Mouse Ear Tags.

  • 5 colors (Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Black)
  • Laser etched numbers
  • Number from 1 - 999
  • Available start number from 1, 101, 201, etc...
  • Custom numbering series
  • Reusable and autoclavable.
Référence Description Quantity
627-BL BLUE 100
627-LTBL Light Blue 100
627-G Green 100
627-R Red 100
627-BLK Black 100
628 Mouse Ear Tag Applicator 1

+33(0)3 83 28 16 04

Mouse Ear Tags

Mouse Ear Tags