Lampe portative

Portable lamp with red leds that gives a perfect red lighting ideal for work in reverse cycle. The flexible arm of the lamp allows you to direct the light exactly where you need it.




Lampe inactinic

safelight lamp emits a special light called " non-actinic safe-light ". It is a light that has little or no photochemical effects. Some species such as the rat and the mouse are insensitive to non-actinic lighting.

This type of lighting allows then to observe nocturnal species in activity without disturbing them.


  •      Do not disturb the rodent
  •      No heating, no vibration of the light
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Main Features

  •      Red color, stable in intensity and wavelength (wavelength: 630 nanometers)
  •      Adjustable flexible arm
  •      Eco-Energy
  •      Modern stylish design and sleek quality finish
  •      White colour
  •      Height: 30 cm
  •      Supplied with AC adapter
  •      Slight
  •      Easy to carry
Item Designation
A-1901-00109 Portable lamp with red safelight 630 nm

+33 3 83 28 16 04

Portable lamp with red safelight

Portable lamp with red safelight