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Labyrinthe aquatique de Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Water Maze (Multiple T Maze) is a spatial navigation task that measures learning and memory in rodents. Unlike the Morris Water Maze, this more complex maze is a multiple choice task that requires a sequential learning.


Several types of aquatic labyrinths are used to evaluate the cognitive abilities of rats in aversive conditions.


The main interest of the Cincinnati Aquatic Labyrinth comes from the complexity of the course. This multi-choice aquatic labyrinth developed by Vorhees allows the evaluation of both learning and memorization as well as the ability to adapt to environmental change. During the test, the movements of the animal are recorded by a camera and various parameters such as the swimming time and the number of errors of course are acquired by the VL / IR Track software developed by Intellibio.


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  • Square basin (2 m side, height 45 cm)
  • Black PVC maze
  • Drain pump
  • Option: Circular insert 2 m in diameter to exploit the pool in Morris pool
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A-2111-00368 Cincinnati Water Maze

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Cincinnati Water Maze (Multiple T Maze)

Cincinnati Water Maze (Multiple T Maze)