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New Rotarod with touch screen remote & dedicated software

Available mouse, rat and big rat (> 500 g.)

The Rotarod test is widely used to evaluate drug effects on motor coordination, balance and motor learning in rodents. The principle of this test is that rats or mice are first trained to walk on a rod rotating at a certain speed. Once the animals have learned this, the effect of a test-compound on their motor performance is evaluated. Animals experiencing impaired motor coordination are unable to cope with the rotating rod and will drop off when the rotation speed exceeds their motor coordination capacity. When the animal drops from rod safely into its own lane, the time latency to fall is automatically recorded.

Intellibio Digital Rotarod is controlled by an advanced microprocessor which provides precise timing control and accurate speed regulation. Rotation can be electronically set at a constant speed (5-120rpm) using a dial on the front panel.

Main features

  • 5 lanes (width: 80 mm for rat ; 57 mm for mouse)
  • Falling height: 320 mm for rat ; 180 mm for mouse
  • Electronic change od speed from 0 to 80 rpm
  • Mechanism detection of fall
  • Individual lane timers with resolution of 0.1 s.
  • Ø of central rod: mice=30 mm ; rat=60 mm
  • 3 modes: constant speed, acceleration 1 and acc. 2
  • Acceleration 1: standing start : start at 0 with acceleration ramp to reach the RPM selected in the time set
  • Acceleration 2: running stare : start at 1/10 of final selected RPM
  • Touch screen remote
  • Connexion USB
  • Compatible Windows® 7 and higher. Minimum Requirements 1GHz and 256MB memory
  • Dimensions: 580 x 300 x 510 mm


Software features

  • Software  for data transfer
  • Enter the parameters of experiment (N° of experiment, sex of the animal, compartiment coding, animal (rat or mouse), direction)
  • Selection of operating mode
  • Programming of rotation time
  • Export the data on Excel file
  • Creating PDF file
Reference Description Lanes Largeur voie (mm) Height of fall (mm) Rotor diameter (mm)
A-1909-00182 Rotarod RR02-M (mice) 5 57 180 30
A-1804-00046 Rotarod RR02-R (rat) 4 87 320 60
A-1909-00183 Rotarod rat and mice RR02 5 Mice : 50
Rat : 75
Mice : 225
Rat : 240
Mice : 30
Rat : 60

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Rotarod with touch screen remote & dedicated software

Rotarod with touch screen remote & dedicated software