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Labyrinthe milieu nouveau

Labyrinth used for the characterization of Trait Anxiety of animals in contrast to the Elevate Plus Maze or Light/Dark Exploration Test that assess State Anxiety.

The device consists of 6 compartments (floor area: 10 X 10 cm) whose internal partitions are provided with 6 doors (5 X 5 cm) allowing the animal tested to circulate freely.

3 guillotine doors (sliding vertical doors) can block the central openings of the device and allow to keep the animal in an area of 3 compartments (left or right), according to the test principle.


Milieu nouveau souris

  • Device with 6 compartments (floor area: 10 X 10 cm)
  • Internal areas with 6 openings (5 X 5 cm)
  • Height of walls: 15 cm
  • PVC light gray (3 mm) for an adequate tracking according to the strains tested.
Item Designation
LMN-2201 Labyrinth "New Area" for mice

+33(0)3 83 28 16 04

Labyrinth "New Area" for mice

Labyrinth "New Area" for mice