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Sterilisateur deux modèles

Glass bead sterilizer, Plunge metal instruments into hot glass beads for instant sterilization. High temperature sterilizer (up to 300 ° C) for fast (5 seconds) and efficient sterilization of all your small solid glass or metal instruments, ensuring that tools are free of pathogens and microbial contaminants.

2 models available for long or short instruments (150 g. and 300 g. glass bead).


Our sterilizer uses high temperature glass bead for fast sterilization of small experimental equipment.

The sterilizer provides an efficient and practical method for sterilizing your surgical instruments before and during surgery.

The temperature can be adjusted from 100 ° C. at 300 ° C., using the adjustment button on the front panel, which makes it possible to sterilize instruments other than metal or glass.

It can effectively sterilize small solid metal and glass instruments within 10 seconds, ensuring the tools free of pathogens and microbial contaminants. A large OLED screen indicates the selected temperature.

Thanks to its high temperature glass micro-beads, the highest temperature of 300 ° C. is reached in 25 minutes.


Model N° A-1902-00122 A-1902-00123
For Short instruments Long instruments
Well size 40 x 80 mm 40 x 140 mm
Capacity 150 g. 300 g.
Temperature Rang 100 °C - 300 ° C 100 °C - 300 ° C
Accuracy ≤  ± 5°C ≤  ±  5°C
Time to Reach maximum Temperature ≤ 25 min   25 min
Power  120W 250W
Weight 2 kg 2.5 kg
Unit Size 130x145x155 mm 130x145x215 mm
Delivered with Micro-beads  Micro-beads 


CAT NO. Product Description
A -1902-00122

 Adjustable Temperature Sterilizer

150 g. Glass Bead Sterilizer - 4 x 8 cm for short instruments

A -1902-00123

Adjustable Temperature Sterilizer

300 g. Glass Bead Sterilizer - 4 x 14 cm for long instruments

 A-1904-00130  Micro-beads for sterilizer (per 1500 g.)

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Adjustable Temperature Sterilizer

Adjustable Temperature Sterilizer