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Labyrinthe en croix surélevé

Elevated Plus Maze: Test to measure anxiety in laboratory animals and also commonly used to test different anxiolytics.

Scientific Interests

The test creates an approach-avoidance conflict in rodents  between the natural desire to explore novel environments and his fear of open spaces (which put him at the sight of predators). The maze has two closed and two open corridors (without walls). Anxiety is measured by the time spent by the animal in exploring the 'open' arms. We can conclude that an animal is more anxious, less time he spent in the open arms .

Available rat and mouse.

We realize your own maze! (color, dimensions,...)

Main features of standard EPM

  • Grey or beige (according the color of the rodents)
  • Non reflective material (for video tracking)
  • The base of the device is in one piece: no slots that would stimulate exploratory activity of the rodent
  • The entire device is raised to a height of 40 cm (rats and mice) and is perfectly stable thanks to a strong and stable foot (stainless steel or PVC)     
  • Closed arms removable for easy cleaning and complete     
  • Open arms are equipped with a small rim of 5 mm high to prevent falls


Technical Features

Rat Mice
  • Center : 10 cm X 10 cm
  • Closed arm : 50 cm X 10 cm x 40 cm (Lxlxh)
  • Opened arms : 50 cm X 10 cm x 5 mm (Lxlxh)
  • Centre : 5 cm X 5 cm
  • Closed arm : 25 cm X 5 cm x 20 cm (Lxlxh)
  • Opened arms : 25 cm X 5 cm x 2.5 mm (Lxlxh)
Reference Description
EPM-2101 Mice
EPM-2102 Rat
EPM-2103 Custom - contact us !

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Elevated Plus Maze

Elevated Plus Maze