Fiber-Lite Illuminator

Fiber lite illuminator is compact in size, generating white light and quick launched for the laboratories.

The laboratorial illuminating appartus cannot generate heat which will impede the body temperature from rising. The best choice for illluminate is the kind that will not change the blod color for a better view. The best choice for laboratory lighting requirements is Fiber lite illuminator, which is compact in size, generating white light and quick launched. Fiber lite Illuminator could bring you a clear view of sample under normal indoor luminous environment without affecting the observations.

  • Features
  • Models
  • Dual-Pipe fiber optic coaxial lighting, provide better field of view
  • Stable output voltage, make the bulb safe and reliable
  • Looks compact and elegant with 280 x 100 x 165 mm
  • Continous light tuning
  • With color temp 3200K


Reference   Description  Notes
76301  Fiber-Lite Illuminator  Dual-Pipe Fiber Optic, Bulb and Main Engine
76304   Main Engine  
76310   Dual-Pipe Fiber Optic (included in illuminator)      
76306  Bulb (21V  150W) -  Philips