temperature transponder

Set consisting of a sterile injector and a 2.12 x 12 mm transponder for identification and temperature reading of animals.

Display of the animal's ID number and temperature.

In accordance with the international standards in force in the animal sector (ISO 11784/11785), the chip with temperature reading has a unique worldwide ID number readable by all readers and it gives the temperature of the animal in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.


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Main Features

  • Supplied ready to use in sterile sachet for single use
  • Supplied with 3 self-adhesive barcode labels for various uses (monitoring sheets, entry / exit notebooks, cage identification, etc.)
  • Reliability, security and ease of use
  • Compliance with ISO 11135 and 11607 sterility standards relating to the sterilization of medical devices



  • TransponderISO FDDX-B
  • Worldwide unique ISO number (ISO 11784/11785)
  • Temperature measured from + 33 ° C to + 43 ° C
  • Ø 2,12 x 13 mm
  • Readable by the dedicated reader with display of the ID number and the temperature in degrees Celius and degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Biocompatible glass
  • Unlimited duration (lifespan of the animal)
  • Very good reading performance



  • Short needle(gauge 14)
  • Ø exterior 2,6 mm
Référence Désignation Dim. Aiguille (Gauge) Ø  Aiguille
1902-00121 Puce ID avec relevé de température 2,12 x 13 mm 14 G 2,6 mm

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Identification chip with temperature

Identification chip with temperature