Animal restrainer for small rodents (rat & mice)

Animal restrainer for small rodents (rat & mice) with acces to the head and the tail.

boite de contention pour souris
boite de contention pour souris et rat

Immobilization of experiment animal is required in many pharmacological and physiological experiments. To satisfy this need, Intellibio has launched different categories of optimized animal restrainers. All rodent restrainers are manufacturerd from clear perspex materials to provide complete visual awareness of the state of your animal.

Flat bottom restrainers are manufactured from perspex cylinders mounted on a flat black perspex base. All the models are free access through both extremes, by opening the respective tilting door that is fixed by a screw at the upper part of the restrainer.

Animals can be immobilised by sliding the doors along the restrainer. A slot in the base of the door allows for the whole tail to be available for the pulse transducer and cuff installation, the i.v. drug administration or the blood extraction.

The easy operation of the doors and its disposition on the extremes of the restrainer makes the manipulation of the animal convenient and avoids the animal to be dragged backward, protecting it from injuries in the feet.

  • Features
  • Models
  • Both head and tail piece can be adjusted
  • More exposure of animal area in comparison to any other kind of restrainer
  • Screw and rod system providedfor adjusting the head and nose piece is more fast and easier in comparison to single knob system as in case of broom type restrainer
  • Easy of use
  • Access ti the rodent
  • Safety for the animal handler
Item Animal weight range  Restraining (ID) (mm)

Length Min x Max (mm)

SAR15F  15 g to 30 g 25 from 48 to 90
SAR30F 30 g to 70 g 30 from 56 to107
SAR70F   70 g to 125 g 40 from 57 to 131
SAR125F   125 g to 250 g 50 from 96 to167
SAR255F   250 g to 500 g 65 from 126 to 185

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Mice and rat restrainer (Head & Tail Adustable Type)

Mice and rat restrainer (Head & Tail Adustable Type)