Red LEDs safelight panel

Red LEDs safelight panel which can be easily attached to the ceiling by different installation methods adapted to your needs.

Easy to install, both as original and aftermarket equipment.

Panneau à leds inactiniques 300x600 + kit surface
Panneau à leds inactiniques 300x600 + kit surface

Ideal for pet stores and work rooms, you will be working under a red light with our red LEDs safelight panel.

safelight lamp emits a special light called " non-actinic safe-light ". It is a light that has little or no photochemical effects. Some species such as the rat and the mouse are insensitive to non-actinic lighting.

This type of lighting allows then to observe nocturnal species in activity without disturbing them.

To meet this need, we have developed a 30 x 60 cm red LED panel with a slim rectangular design and a lacquered white frame and an elegant finish. It emits a red light (wavelength of 625-630 nm) adapted to nocturnal animals.

It has an efficiency of 92%, an IP55 protection rating and an estimated lifetime of 50,000 hours. It can be installed as original equipment in a suspended ceiling or as aftermarket on a ceiling by means of a protruding installation kit or a suspension kit.

With a 24 W power, it can be delivered with a 0-10 V compatible driver for the adjustment of light intensity.






Méthods of installation


1. Ceilling recessed mounted

Encastrement faux plafond



2. Suspending installation
Fixation des suspensions


Fixation du panneau





3. Surface mounted with frame
Fixer le kit au plafond


Insérer le panneau


Fermer le côté


Fin de l'installation



  • Features
  • Models
  • Size: 295 x 595 x 10 mm
  • Color: Red (625-630 nm)
  • Voltage: 100-240 V
  • Power: 24 W
  • Type: LED
  • Driver: 0-10 V Compatible for the adjustment of light intensity, CE certified
  • Protection rating: IP55
  • Estimated lifetime: 50,000 hours
Item  Description
LED-DIM Red LEDs safelight panel with adjustment of light intensity
LED-NOR Red LEDs safelight panel
LED-KIT1 Surface mounted with frame kit
LED-KIT2 Suspending installation kiy