Mangeoire amovible Fasting Plan

An ideal tool for long-term studies on metabolism and circadian rhythms, the Fasting Plan Feeder allows programming of rodent food intake planning with piloting and weighing software.

Logiciel Fasting Plan
Logiciel Fasting Plan


The principle of this device is to allow the animal to have access or not to the food placed in the hopper by scheduling periods of lifting and lowering. The system also allows according to the research work a total restriction of the power supply over a programmed period of time.

At each ascent of the feeder, a weighing is performed, giving the consumption of the animal in grams, with an accuracy of 0.1 g.

  • Features
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Food Hopper

  •    Standard cage
  •    Flat, stainless steel lid with pellets and bottle
  •    Removable stainless steel long-life manger
  •    Electronic control box of the feeder
  •    USB connection
  •    Up to 24 networked systems


Fasting Plan Software

  •      Programming time slots for raising and lowering the feeder
  •      Control programming by device, device group or for all devices
  •      Raising and lowering speed of baskets: 3 seconds.
  •      System Requirements: Windows® computer, 800 MHz minimum, 128 Mo
  •      USB connection
Référence   Diamètre  Longueur Aiguille (Gauge)
TAM-S*  1,25 mm  7 mm 16 G
TAM-M  1,4 mm  8 mm 15 G
TAM-L 2,12 mm 12 mm 12 G


Julien Delezie, Stéphanie Dumont, Cristina Sandu, Sophie Reibel, Paul Pevet & Etienne Challet
Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 29386