High speed drill controlled manually or by foot paddle.

Drills bits

Scientific interests

The high speed drill is designed for opening the skull in stereotaxix surgery, to implant electrode,cannula, and microdialysis probes, etc. This drill is easy to handle and operate.


Are associated

- Drills with round and flat tip.

- Support for stereotaxic frame.


  • Features
  • Models
  • Speed up to 38,000 rpm
  • Forward or reverse rotation available
  • Controlled manually or by foot paddle
  • Can be installed onto the Stereotaxic instrument by the Microdrill holder (model: 68605) and controlled by the manipulator
  • Various drills bits available, size from 0.5-2.3 mm in diameter
Reference Description Reference Description
A-1910-00195 Microdrill (Bits not included) A-1910-00194 Support
78040 Drill bits 0,5 mm; round tip    
78041 Drill bits 0,6 mm round tip 78060 Drill bits 0,8 mm flat tip
78042 Drill bits 0,8 mm round tip 78061 Drill bits 1,0 mm flat tip
78043 Drill bits 1,0 mm round tip 78062 Drill bits 1,2 mm flat tip
78044 Drill bits 1,2 mm round tip 78063 Drill bits 1,4 mm flat tip
78045 Forêts 1,4 mm round tip 78064 Drill bits 1,6 mm flat tip
78046 Drill bits 1,6 mm round tip 78065 Drill bits 1,8 mm flat tip
78047 Drill bits 1,8 mm round tip 78066 Drill bits 2,1 mm flat tip
78048 Drill bits 2,1 mm round tip 78067 Drill bits 2,3 mm flat tip
78049 Drill bits 2,3 mm round tip    
78050 Drill bits 2,7 mm round tip